Make Road Safety Your Priority this Holiday!

The festive season is around the corner, when most of us will be off from work or school, we

tend to get busy with holiday shopping and social events. During this time of year we are also

faced with more road congestion and people tend to travel longer distances on unfamiliar roads.

Statistics show that during the festive season road users are more likely to be fatigued,

speeding and/or driving under the influence of alcohol. GRSP South Africa would like to

encourage road users to follow some of these road safety tips for this festive season:

  • It only takes a few seconds so buckle up! "Did you know that when a vehicle collides or

suddenly brakes at a speed of 50km per hour, the weight of passengers or objects in the car

multiply 30 60 fold? If your child weighs 10kg, at the moment of impact it accrues a mass of

300kg." Buckling up is a smart choice!

  • Stick to the speed limit. Don't rush and try to remain patient. I know you might be excited

during the festive season, but you will arrive at your destination. Rather be safe than sorry.

  • Don't drink and drive! Catch a taxi or make alternative travelling arrangements when you know

that you are going to consume alcohol.

  • Ensure you're well rested before going on a long road trip, give yourself plenty of time to reach

your destination, and take frequent breaks during your journey.

  • Vehicle inspection checking, before going on long road trips check your vehicle's fluids, lights

and tyres or even consider getting your car serviced beforehand; and check either your trailer or

caravan is properly secured.

  • Be aware of pedestrians, especially at night when visibility of pedestrians is poor.

Please spread the message of road safety! Save lives! Remember, "Safety never takes a

holiday". Make road safety your priority 365 days of the year!

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