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Government, business and civil society - working together to save lives

It cannot be business as usual with 1 376 road deaths over the festive season

Media Release from Global Road Safety Partnership South Africa (GRSP ZA)

The recently released road traffic crash statistics clearly indicate that more still needs to be done in order to curb the carnage on our roads. Admittedly, campaigns and programmes have been put in place by various sectors including; national and provincial government, business and NGOs. However, the figure of 1 376 fatalities as released by Minister Dipuo Peters on 9th January 2014 indicates that the number of road crashes is escalating. For instance, 937, 1 050, 1 358, 1 232 and 1 279 lives were lost in December 2009, December 2010, December 2011 and December 2012 respectively. Annually, close to 14 000 deaths are recorded each year and thousands more are injured as a result of road traffic crashes in South Africa.

However, far from losing hope, these figures should spur us all to double our efforts. The danger is that we seem to be getting inured to the carnage that is occurring on our roads and we continue to act as if everything is normal. It is not. As highlighted by Prof Sebastian van As, GRSP ZA Chairperson, "we need to highlight that sadly we (South Africa) are world champions when it comes to road deaths".

South Africans from all spheres need to fight this scourge with all possible resources available. This is a fight that no single sector can win alone. A model that GRSP ZA strongly believes in is that of partnership to fight this scourge. As highlighted by Patrick Muchaka (GRSP ZA Programme Manager), "GRSP ZA's principal objective is to facilitate initiatives aimed at the sustainable reduction of road crashes and fatalities, by bringing together government and governmental agencies, the private sector and civil society organisations".

GRSP ZA would therefore like to see the strengthening of existing partnerships as well as forging of new partnerships in the fight against the trauma caused by road traffic crashes. We strongly believe that this is a model that will help us to bring a sustainable reduction in road deaths so that when the next round of statistics are released they will not make as grim reading as those released by Minister Peters at the beginning of January 2014.


GRSP ZA acknowledges the link with the GRSP International, its objectives, its management structures and the intended role of the Advisor. GRSP ZA has been in existence since 2004 and formally registered as a Section 21 company in 2007. GRSP ZA operates with a functional and expert board, nominated and formalised by its members. GRSP ZA's vision is a South Africa free of road crash death and injury.

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