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Second UN Global Road Safety Week Road Show

As part of our contribution towards the Second UN Global Road Safety Week (6-12 May 2013) whose theme is Pedestrian Safety, The Department of Road Safety Management (DRSM) in partnership with Global Road Safety Partnership (GRSP ZA) has hosted a Road Safety Road Show from the 6- to 10 May 2013 in Khayelitsha, Cape Town. The schools that have participated are located near or along Bangiso Drive. These are Sakumlandela Primary School, Intwasahlobo Primary & Sobambisana Primary.


The road show consisted of various activities, namely:


1.       Demonstration on how to cross and operate the robots and pedestrian button

2.       Distribution of Reflective Bands

3.       Road Safety Talk


The Department of Road Safety Management went to for a site visit to Khayelitsha and observed the following positive conditions:


  • The street has pavement / side walk on both side of the road.
  • The street has speed humps to calm the traffic and the paintings are visible



  • Learners walk and cross in the middle of the road.
  • One side of the pavement, hawkers are selling as early as 07h00 in the morning, which result in the scholars using the road to walk to school.
  • The other sides of the pavement, shacks are constructed and scholars use the small space that is left which is not enough for them to walk in.
  • All schools are experiencing late coming of learners.
  • All schools start at 08h00 but primary learners are given a grace until 08h30 and high school learners until 08h15.
  • No scholar patrol operation currently.
  • Scholar patrol was requested but due to the occupied pavement cannot operate.



DRSM together with GRSP ZA, the Department of Education and Provincial Traffic, has found this to be a major concern and has therefore had the road show at the above mentioned schools in Khayelitsha in light of the UN Global Road Safety Week which has happened on the 6-12 May 2013.


At the road show the learners was escorted to the pedestrian crossing on Bangiso Drive and was given demonstrations on how to cross the pedestrian crossing correctly, along with other road safety tips. Thereafter the Directorate together with the CoCT Traffic has embarked on the road safety education / talks with the learners of the schools.


DRSM has contacted the Khayelitsha Engineers for the assessment of the Bangiso Drive and hopefully some changes can be made to improve the road and enhance the safety of pedestrians on the roads of Khayelitsha.

Let’s support the Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011-2020 and lives.







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