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Government, business and civil society - working together to save lives

Global Road Safety Partnership South Africa in full support of the Second UN Global Road Safety Week


The Second UN Global Road Safety Week was held from 6-12 May 2013 and was dedicated to pedestrian safety. Requested by the UN General Assembly, the Week has drawn attention to the urgent need to better protect pedestrians worldwide, generate action on the measures needed to do so, and contribute to achieving the goal of the Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011-2020 to save millions of lives.


Millions of South Africans are dependent on walking as a key element in their routes to work or school, and this increases their exposure to risk.

Join GRSP ZA in support of the Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011-2020.



Have a look at what GRSP ZA has been up to during the Second UN Global Road Safety Week:


The Chevron Visibility Programme

Chevron, together with Global Road Safety Partnership South Africa, the Department of Road Safety Management and Stellenbosch University, has identified a need for a pedestrian road safety programme in Dunoon Cape Town, targeting child pedestrians at the ages of 5 to 14 years. The programme is called The Chevron Visibility Programme and was targeted at two primary schools. The two schools are Sophakama Primary School and Dunoon Primary School in Dunoon. The Chevron Visibility Programme Learner Day was held on the 3rd May 2013 where Chevron sponsored school bags (with reflective tape for visibility). These were distributed to the school learners at Sophakama Primary School & Dunoon Primary School.

These Chevron school bags will help the learners be more visible on the road as they walk to and from school, especially during the winter season.


UN Global Road Safety Week Road Show

The Department of Road Safety Management (DRSM) has hosted a UN Global Road Safety Week Road Show on the 6 May 2013 to the 10 May 2013 in Khayelitsha, Cape Town. The schools that participated were Sakumlandela Primary School, Ntwasahlobo Primary, Sobambisana Primary and Ummangaliso Primary.

At the road show the learners were escorted to the pedestrian crossing on Bangiso Drive. There they were given demonstrations on how to cross the pedestrian crossing correctly, along with other road safety tips. Thereafter, the Directorate together with the CoCT Traffic has embarked on the road safety education and road safety talks with the learners and Danny the Cat Shows.

GRSP ZA Programme Manager, Patrick Muchaka, will be doing an evaluation on the effect of the activities on road safety awareness.



Safe Roads for Youth is a project managed by the GRSP-ZA on behalf of international partners

The Safe Roads 4 Youth Project (SR4Y) carries out preventative interventions at community level aimed at mobilizing citizens, better training local players and preventing drinking and driving and drinking and walking in different communities, starting with young adults.

The active Safe Roads 4 Youth project locations in South Africa are Belhar in the Western Cape and Mbombela in Mpumalanga.

The Belhar SR4Y Promoting Group in Cape Town has embarked on an awareness campaign for the community youth of Belhar. The campaign focused on the effects of alcohol, drinking & walking and tookplace on the 6 May 2013 to the 11 May 2013 (United Nation Global Road Safety Week).

The objective of the “Let’s make it happen Campaign” was basically to introduce the Belhar SR4Y Promoting Group to a wide audience of youth and those leading youth, potential role models and mentors. The campaign youth promoters have been given capacity training, which has allowed them to inform the youth on the importance and dangers of drinking and walking as a pedestrian. The youth promoters created awareness through learning by doing activities in a fun and interesting way while ensuring a set of key messages, on drinking and walking and alcohol, are conveyed to their fellow youth in their community.

For more information on the SR4Y Belhar "Let's Make It Happen" Campaign please click here

The SR4Y Mbombela Team coordinated a “walking bus” on the 7th of May 2013 in aid of the Second UN Global Road Safety Week at a school in Mbombela. Children were escorted by adult supervisors, whom encouraged children to comply with the traffic laws and get them to school safely.

The SR4Y Mbombela Team then also invited parents, youth, teachers, trained social workers etc., on the 11th of May 2013, to a session of community "dialogue", which was an in depth sharing of parents and youths experiences with each other within the context of drinking. The topic was “the impact of drug & substance abuse on road safety”.

They will also proceed in having interventions in taverns (drinking establishments) in and around Mbombela on the 17th May 2013, which will include making people aware of the number of drinks they consume - also including self-breathalysing. The project will extend to bartender awareness and they will look at taxis assisting to transport people in that week back home instead of them walking drunk or taking a lift with a drunk driver.

Given the high rate of road safety accidents and pedestrian related fatalities in South Africa, there is a great need for GRSP ZA’s interventions as well as the dire need for resources to continue our mission.


Contact information:

Raushana Arnold | Events & Marketing Co-ordinator | Global Road Safety Partnership South Africa

W: | T: 021 829 6162 |C: 083 4133 084 | F: 086 267 1517


Patrick Muchaka | Programme Manager | Global Road Safety Partnership South Africa

W: | T: 021 829 6162 |C: 078 165 6409 | F: 086 267 1517




The Global Road Safety Partnership South Africa

The Global Road Safety Partnership South Africa (GRSP ZA) was registered as a Section 21 company in 2007. The function of GRSP ZA is to broker partnerships between government, business and civil society organisations that are dedicated to reducing death and injury on the roads in South Africa.

GRSP ZA is one of many global road safety partnerships across the continent. The headquarters for our organisation is in Geneva. The GRSP ZA was created in 2003 and focuses solely on bringing together like-minded organisations that are committed to addressing the road safety challenges affecting South Africa.

The organisations combine their resources and knowledge to implement sustainable interventions that reduce the number of deaths on our roads. Our members include government agencies, road safety experts, engineering companies, NGO’s, and corporates.

GRSP ZA is committed to reducing road crash related fatalities and injuries in partnership with all sectors.

Please visit for further details.








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