About Us

RSP ZA Vision

A South Africa free of road crash death and injury

RSP ZA Mission

The RSP ZA is committed to reducing road crash related fatalities and injuries in partnership

with all sectors.

RSP ZA Objectives

  1. To broker partnerships between business, civil society and government agencies that are

dedicated to the sustainable reduction of death and injury on South Africa's roads.

  1. To support programme that provide road safety education to learners and communities

that are in the proximity of hazardous road hotspots.

  1. To support communities that are in the proximity of hazardous road hotspots by advising

stakeholders on how to take ownership and responsibility for their communities' safety on the


  1. To support law enforcement by aligning our members' programmes with the enforcement

initiatives in the government's National Road Safety Strategy.

  1. To work with and share knowledge with other countries.
  2. To adapt international road safety best practice.

Our Purpose

To mobilise resources from government business and civil society to support the development

and implementation of the National Road Safety Strategy and action plan.

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