Eugene Herbert: RSP ZA Chairperson

Eugene Herbert started his career in the motoring industry in 1975 as both the owner of a risk

management company and a motoring journalist. Over the years he gained a wealth of insight

into not only the performance of vehicles but the people who drive them as well. He used this

knowledge to start his company RAC which has evolved into a multifaceted training company

which offers programmes ideally suited to South African drivers. It is now an ISO 9001


Corporations use Eugene's experience in risk management to strategize the management of

their drivers and fleets. He has assisted many companies in improving their driving standards

and safety, security procedures in cases of hijacking and kidnapping, and application of AARTO

legislation. The training is developed to international standards and is currently being exported

to a number of other countries.

Eugene has a certificate in Road Transport from RAU. His is also the holder of a 2003 Guinness

World Land Speed Record for towing a caravan. He was also a Director of the International

Association of Auto Theft Investigators for four years. Eugene sits on the board of several

non-profit organisations, Namely, The Road Safety Organisation, Wheel Well, GRSP and Safe

Drive Africa Foundation.

Eugene is dedicated to promoting road safety. It motivates him to continually develop

programmes for this and it is a source of great pride for him. Through his programmes there is

potential to reduce road carnage and dramatically improve road safety. His objectives tie-in with

the UN which aims to reduce accidents by 50% over the next ten years.

Eugene has extensive experience in a number of areas including driver training in commercial

and heavy duty vehicles, fleet management, advanced driving techniques, psychometric and

on-the-road driver assessments, vehicle recovery and of course experience in road safety.

While his experience has in the last decade being focussed on driver behavioural change in

collaboration with local and several international companies who have office in the UK, Europe

and North America he also has a successful history in the motor industry at large. This involved

the management and disposal of vehicle fleets, vehicle dealerships and consultancy.

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