Global Road Safety Partnership International

Internationally, the Global Road Safety Partnership was established as part of the Business

Partners for Development (BPD) programme, initiated by the World Bank. With the support of

international organisations, a group of global business partners, the International Federation of

Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) and several national governments, GRSP

International began its activities in 1999.

GRSP International is currently active in various qualifying developing countries. Each country

is assigned a GRSP Advisor who is responsible for developing and initiating a local partnership

organisation to identify specific partnership projects designed to address problems of road

safety. This local organisation operates under the legislation of the host country and may take

on a company structure relevant and effective in the company of operation.

There are two categories of partners in the GRSP International: global partners, who guide the

policies and direction of the overall international GRSP programme; and local partners who

work together to develop and support programmes of specific projects in selected focus

countries. The global partners guide the overall International GRSP programme through a

Steering Committee (SC) and a smaller (subsidiary) Executive Committee (EC). The EC

appoints a Chief Executive (CEO) who heads the Secretariat and Management Team (MT).

Activities in the selected focus countries are supported by GRSP Advisors.

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